Groundcovers - Highlights

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Carex pensylvanica

Carex pensylvanica

Pennsylvania Sedge or Oak Sedge, is a shade-loving perennial sedge that is native to thickets and dry woodland areas in Eastern US. Low spreading colonies of narrow 6-8" tall green foliage. Grows best in Shade to Part-Shade in losse well drained. A great groundcover for a no-mow lawn effect and super tough plant for urban enviornments.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Plumbago likes to be in a sunny average to dry location. It tolerates some shade, but won't bloom as well. A good choice for poor soils and difficult sites. Looks beautiful in a container or spilling over a wall! Long blooming, clear blue flowers throughout Summer, Emerges in Late April -Early May. Nice bronze fall color as well. Grows about 8" tall and spreads by underground rhizomes.

Epimedium  versicolor 'Sulphureum'

Epimedium versicolor 'Sulphureum'

Baronwort is one of the best groundcovers for dry, shady sites. Best planted in a loose organic rich soil. Grows 8 to 12" tall, bright yellow Orchid-like flowers in Spring. Very deer resistiant, tough, and trouble free groundcover.

Sweet Woodruff

Galium odoratum

Sweet Woodruff is a spreading groundcover perfect for pathway edging for shady gardens and woodland settings. Blooms in Late Spring to Early Summer, and grows 6-10" tall. Easily grown, trouble free, vigorous groundcover for part shade. Deer Resistant.

Royal Purple Lilyturf

Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple'

'Royal Purple' is an improvement of l. 'Big Blue', Flowers on Royal Purple are larger and heavier, and the growth is more constistant and uniform, never reverting to a running form, Royal Purple forms neat, large clumps of deep green foliage with dark blue-purple flower spikes in Late Summer.

White Mazus

Mazus reptans 'Alba'

White Mazus has light green foliage, and roots as it creeps providing fast coverage. It prefers consistent moisture but not wet feet. Blooms white in the Spring/early Summer. Tolerates light-medium foot traffic making it a good choice between stepping stones and ground cover.Grows 2-3", spread 12-18".

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