American Beach Grass Plugs and Liners - Ammophila breviligulata

Beach Grass Plugs and Liners for sale at Cicconi Farms

Cape American Beach Grass Plugs

We grow and propagate our own liners right here in Ocean County, New Jersey. Our beach grass plugs are extremely vigorous. What makes them special... Because we grow them in a deep 32 cell tray, they have more room and soil to grow in, they have a more extensive root system, vigorous top growth, and generally grow faster. Please book your orders early to ensure adequate availability.

Product Details

  • 32 plants per tray
  • We can ship almost anywhere
  • Reserve yours today
  • Large Quantities available

More Info:

You can expect fully rooted Beach Grass Liners when you order from us.

50 cell tray on the left, 32 cell tray on the right. You can see that the size of a 32 cell tray plant is almost twice the size of a 50 cell plant.

We can ship on shelved pallets almost anywhere on the East Coast by way of common carrier.