Hardy Ferns - Highlights

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Brilliance Autumn Fern

Brilliance Autumn Fern

Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance' has glossy fronds in bright orange/salmon and rose tones and hold their color well into summer before turning dark green for summer and lasting through winter. Most colorful in spring and early summer when foliage is a mix of bronze and green. Grows 24-30" tall by 24" wide. Best in well drained soil in shady gardens.

Cinnamon Fern

Cinnamon Fern

Osmundastrum cinnamomeum is a New Jersey Native naturally occuring in moist, boggy ground along streams and on shaded ledges and bluffs, primarily in the northern region of the State. Typically grows in clumps to 2-3' tall, but with constant moisture can reach 5' in height. Best in deep moist shade.

Japanese Beech Fern

Thelypteris decursive-pinnata - This is one of our favorite ferns we've grown over the years. It is extreamly hardy to zone 4, vigorous spreader and an excellent choice for a groundcover. Arching fronds are a lustrous dark green and have a lighter green underside for a unique display. Grows 12 to 24" tall by 18" wide. Grows best in moist well drained soil

Matteuccia struthiopteris

Ostrich Fern

Matteuccia struthiopteris - Native to moist thickets and wooded river bottoms. Prefers moist, rich, well-drained, neutral to acidic soils in full to partial shade. When well-watered, the height of this fern can approach 5' tall. Turns a glowing golden yellow in the fall. Happiest in a cool moist site, it will tolerate more sun with wetter soils.

Onoclea sensibilis

Sensitive fern

Onoclea sensibilis, thrives in moist soils but does well in average garden soil as long as the soil does not dry out for long periods. It spreads slowly by rhizomes and spores. The name Sensitive Fern comes from the fact that the fronds almost immediate color change to brown from the first fall frost.

Dryopteris tokyoensis

Tokyo Wood Fern

Dryopteris tokyoensis - This underutilized easily grown fern will do well in average soil with medium moisture in part shade to full shade. One of our favorites ferns, it grows 18 to 30" tall by 24" wide. Extreamly hardy and Deer Proof, strong vertical, erect habit with dark green foliage.

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